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The Walt FAQ

Farcically Artificial Quizzery

Does Walt’s Band play waltzes?
If we are correctly interpreting Walt’s hastily-scrawled response, the band plays waltzes about three-quarters of the time.
Does Walt’s Band tour?
Walt’s Band is sessile.  
What is the Launch Discount?
Punctuality is important to Walt. For the first week after a new song debuts here on Walt’s Band, site members can claim a significant discount when they buy the sheet music. The exact amount of the discount depends on many factors. The only one of any importance is Walt’s mood at the time, but on a launch day he’s usually feeling pretty good. Yes, the discount is for SITE MEMBERS ONLY, but becoming a site member is freezy.
Did Walt’s Band ever jam with Stink?
Heh-heh. We trust you mean “Sting”. In which case the answer’s no.
How many songs have you written?
Nick has composed a prodigious number of songs — more than 100! — but only a pitiful handful — fewer than 100! — have been written down. Of these, Walt has so far approved the piano arrangements for just 14, which are being released at intervals of a fortnight (1.4 decadays). However, further arrangements are in development far underground at Walt Central almost as we speak, and these may well be released once the first batch is as exhausted as we are.
When were the Walt’s Band songs written?
The Walt’s Band material belongs to the Modern Period.
What kind of pen do you use when writing your songs?
Nick replies: I’m glad you asked that. I use the same pen for writing songs that I use when constructing the website: the Stabilo Sensor, 0.3mm, black. Some call it a lady’s pen, but make no mistake: in the right hands, it can emit text and drawings of deadly intensity.