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Click on the video above to watch Nick Sullivan perform his new song Vow Of Silence. You will observe that the vow, if there ever was one, has worn off completely.

It’s easy enough to drift out of touch with old friends at the best of times. Vows of silence can make things even harder.

The People’s Sheets

Looking for the free sheet music for Nick’s arrangements of the traditional songs? You’ll find download links on your Dashboard page, and valuable information in the separate blog posts on Alberta and A Nautical Yarn.

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We include three different versions of the music in the sheet music package for each song: Piano only, Piano and voice, and Lead sheet. Guitar chord symbols are provided with each version. Download our sample music, a little tune called Over You, for free any time at all.

Music Suggestions

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Our next sheet music and video release is a safe and special song about my town of Victoria. Come back around June 26th to snap up your copy. Site members enjoy a splendid Launch Discount on the sheet music that day and for the following week.

Sheet music for Over YouLeadsheet: guitar, lyrics and chordsPiano version also has chordsFull version with all parts

Each song’s sheet music package includes three separate PDFs to suit various needs. Click/tap on one of the page icons above for a larger view; click again to collapse it.

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