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Songs Sung Sideways

When this website was opened on May 1, 2014, we also launched the CD version of Songs Sung Sideways, Nick Sullivan’s first album. We plan to release the videos and full sheet music for each song on the album over time. Two are available immediately; the other twelve will pop out at two-week intervals in the months to come.

Click or double-tap directly on a song’s badge in the display below to access that song’s page for lyrics, discussion and more. The song video, after its release, will also be available on the page.

To buy an MP3 or sheet music for a song, hover over or tap on the red arrowbelow the song badge. If there’s a green note    as well, an audio sample of the song will be available in the pop-up window. (Our random selection of three audio samples changes each day.)

Using the song selector

Click/tap a song badge to visit the song’s page for full demo video, info, lyrics and comments. To open a panel for buying the MP3 audio or the sheet music, use the red arrow.

“Free sheet music?”

We provide the sheet music for Over You as a free sample for all site visitors. Click to begin downloading it now.

Thumbnail of Over You sheet music Like our other songs, Over You comes as a file with the zip extension. Follow the usual procedures for unpacking a zip archive on your device to access the several pdf documents (music) and one txt document (lyrics) inside.

Note that you are not authorized to redistribute even free sheet music from our site. Instead, please share our site location and let others obtain the music themselves.