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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Use of the Site

The main purpose of the Walt’s Band site is to allow the world to enjoy the music of Nick Sullivan. The site is for pleasure use only. Please try to experience little else as you wonderingly wander Walt’s weird web wilderness.

Our commenting facilities are expressly for posting and answering relevant questions and comments. They must not be used to distribute spam, advertisements or similar messages. We have and will exercise the right to remove or modify any posts that we feel violate our policies, whether stated, implied or otherwise.


Your email address and any other personal identifying information that you provide will not be displayed to other users on the site, and will not be distributed to any third party organization.

Once you have registered on this site, your email address will be used only to send you Walt’s Band newsletters and/or to alert you to a new release.

For further information, please review our full privacy policy.


All content that appears on waltsband.com, and the sheet music sold on waltsband.com, is edited and technically verified as far as possible. However, use of information obtained from waltsband.com is at your own risk. waltsband.com, its owners, affiliates, partners and contributing authors cannot be held responsible for any damage or problems that arise from using the information on this site, or from attempting to play the songs either with or without recommended safety equipment.


Any information provided on this web site is protected under a copyright held by Nick Sullivan. You may refer to this content from books and link to it from other online resources but you may not reproduce or modify it, in whole or in part, without the permission of Nick Sullivan. Generally, and with the specific exception of the sheet music, permission will be granted to reproduce information on the site for personal and non-commercial usage provided that the original source and copyright is clearly indicated.

Note that you are not authorized to redistribute even the free sheet music from our site. Instead, please share the location of our site and let others obtain the music themselves.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about the above terms and conditions, or encounter any difficulties in using this site, please email us at webmaster@waltsband.com.