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This page is primarily intended as an aid to those developing media coverage of this website and the music of Nick Sullivan. Photographs and other materials from this page may be freely re-used in your website or publication.

Please fill out this form to request review copies of materials available for sale through this site: PDF sheet music, MP3 audio files, or the Songs Sung Sideways album on CD.

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Fact sheet

Artist’s name
Nick Sullivan
Album name
Songs Sung Sideways
Piano and voice
Varies across the set, not easy to pin down. The piano-only format defines the structure of each song with precision, and may suggest possibilities for interpreting it, but most of the songs can be performed in multiple styles.

For further information in tabular format, please see our
“one-sheet” summary for Songs Sung Sideways as a PDF file.

Press releases

The press releases issued by Walt throughout the long history of the website are listed below. All of them. Look closely. They are sorted in reverse order by date.


Album cover

The front cover of Nick Sullivan’s first CD, Songs Sung Sideways, released on May 1, 2014. All tracks on the album are originals. Prelude is for piano alone. The other tracks were arranged for piano and voice, played and sung by Nick.

Album photo

Photo of Nick Sullivan for his first CD, Songs Sung Sideways, released May 1, 2014. The CD can be obtained at Sullivan’s website, WaltsBand.com, along with sheet music and MP3 downloads.

Sheet music

The original sheet music for Nick Sullivan’s songs furnishes the full arrangement of each song as played by the composer on his Songs Sung Sideways CD. Sheet music (instrumentals excepted) is provided in three formats: Song (piano, voice, chords), Piano (piano, chords), and Lead Sheet (voice, chords). The illustration shows the first of seven pages of the Song version of the album’s lead track, Just The Moon. The sheet music and the CD are available at WaltsBand.com.