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15 May 2014 by Nick Sullivan
Thumbnails of the sheet music for our first four songs

Two weeks have passed since Walt’s Band was launched and Just The Moon was released on May 1. What better time than this to pause and reflect upon the signal importance of a fortnightly rhythm in Walt’s Wise Plan?

Today we’re following WWP by simultaneously releasing the video and sheet music for Forgotten Dream, the second track on my Songs Sung Sideways album. Looking into the future, the prospects are satisfyingly regular. Two weeks from now, the third track, Trouble On His Mind, will come out, and another will be issued every two weeks after that until further notice. Do keep checking in.

Since Forgotten Dream is new, we treat it specially in a couple of ways. For this first week we offer a fat launch discount on the sheet music (to site members only – join here if you’re interested). Until the next release two weeks from now, Forgotten Dream will also be showing as the feature video on our home page and on your dashboard page.

After that, after the hullabaloo has finally died away, you will have to go to the song’s own page to locate its video. Or you could go now. You’ll find other information about the song there, including the lyrics and various kinds of commentary. If something catches your attention, feel free to chip in with comments of your own.

Thank you for tuning in for this minor volley of site documentation. Please memorize Walt’s Wise Plan immediately. Don’t wait until the night before the test.

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Anon (not verified) on

I've memorized the plan already! When's the test?

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